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Catherine Kowalsky’s recipe for success in anything she has found worth achieving is simply stated- diligence, decisiveness, and respecting the needs and rights of others. These simple, but important character traits are evident in everything Catherine undertakes. Her diligence is unrelenting when working with clients either searching for a new home or needing to sell their home. She is decisive and confident in her suggested approaches for writing successful contracts, and she recognizes the emotional commitment each client is making in deciding on a new home. One of the most important decisions a person must make is where they will live and in what type of community they wish to be involved.

Anyone who knows Catherine will say she is a no-nonsense, hard-working Realtor. She diligently prepares for each of her meetings with her clients, researching all of her resources to present potential home-buyers with multiple choices of sites, in accordance with their stated needs and desires. Catherine is pleasant, professional, and dedicated to doing an exemplary job for all of her clients.

Catherine believes buying a new home should be a pleasant experience. She will extend every courtesy possible to assist potential home-buyers in finding that “just perfect” home. Catherine maintains an excellent working relationship with fellow Realtors, and is well-respected by her peers. She is organized, competent and anxious to satisfy her clients’ realty needs.

Catherine’s educational background includes an Associates in Business Administration.

Catherine maintains a delicate balance between her family life and her professional life as a Realtor. Catherine is proudly married to Robert I. Kowalsky, and the mother of two lovely daughters, Skylar and Sydney and a son Mason.   She approaches her family life in the same dedicated, caring manner as she approaches her professional life.